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I'm Nikki Valentine - your spiritual homegirl, intuitive counselor and transformation coach here to help you manifest a lifestyle that makes you sparkle! You deserve to rise up from the mud (shame, fear, low vibes or lack) into beauty & grace like the Lotus flower does every night. Together, we will unleash your spirit power, heal old wounds and teach you the mastermind secrets to creating a beautiful life. Let's get to it!

xo - The Style Shaman



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These powerful sessions will get to the root of what is blocking you. Whether your issues are physical, emotional or spiritual we will identify the underlying patterns causing them and begin the journey to heal.


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My journey to authenticity, peace & a soul powered life wasn't easy but i'm so grateful for all the bumps in the road and jewels learned along the way. See how I went from soul stressed to my personal best! 


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The Luxe Lotus System is packed with value - You will learn how to identify your authentic self / lifestyle, heal mental blockers, raise your self love vibe and use spiritual laws to manifest! Also includes 1:1 coaching.

Are you ready for a Luxe Lotus lifestyle!?


"Working with Nikki was inspirational experience. Her viewpoint is real and she provides motivation. She cares about what affects your life & well being and is very helpful in opening your perspective. 

- A.E. 

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